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Below are some of the core principals that shape my political opinions:


First and foremost—a return to the principle that government that is close to the people governs best and that too much government threatens our existence as a free people and our constitutional rights.


Education should be governed by state and local laws—not laws of the federal government and we must ensure that correct history should be taught in our schools, not the radical ideas of liberal educators with political agendas.


We must act responsibly to protect our environment, but in reasonable and effective ways designed by common sense and rational thought.

Government Accountability

North Carolina taxpayers deserve a government that works for them and does not overstep its boundaries and infringe upon individual liberty. This means setting the right priorities, achieving measurable results, and remembering that our government must be of the people, by the people, for the people.

School Choice

Parents should have a wide range of high-quality schools or educational options to choose from – be it traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools, or virtual learning. Private school choice, through scholarship tax credit programs, vouchers, education savings accounts and individual tuition tax credits, gives students, including those from low-income families or those with special needs the opportunity to receive tuition to attend a private school that meets their needs immediately.

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